Between the Lines

„”Between the Lines” was curated as the third exhibition for Schalast / Law / Tax firm’s We.Do.Art. series. Topic was  the line as central element in visual arts. The line, is a simple, but thrilling design element, with played a central role in the development of modern and contemporary art. Although its minimal structure, the line has proven to be very multifaced in the history of art. With the shift of focus to questions specialized on art at the beginning of modernism, artists also began to concern themselves with the essence of the line. With this focus, artists began to explore the different characteristics and functions of lines: in their works, they address the connecting and separating elements of lines, concentrate on the line as a structure of order or as a gestural expressive force. They use them to describe forms and figures, making them recognizable to us, or, by placing the line horizontally, they awaken associations of space and landscape. It are often minimal observations that artists hold on with their works. In order to experience their charm and poetry in its entirety, the viewer must look closely. Only in this way can the intellectual and associative richness of the line unfold before our inner eye.

 Represented were works by the artists Claudia Barthoi, Artjom Chepovetskyy, Björn Drenkwitz, Il-Jin Atem Choi, Ljubomir Percinlic and Herbert Warmuth. The art journalist Dr. Anett Göthe introduced the guests to the topic during the vernissage.


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