As part of our event series “Hinter den Bildern”, we take our guests behind the scenes of the contemporary art scene in Frankfurt am Main and the Rhine-Main region. The offer is directed to all people who have time and desire for contemporary art, equal if passionate collector or layman. We experience art in small, exclusive groups in a relaxed atmosphere. We visit artists in their studios, we eat, drink or even cook together.


 We organize “Walks and talks” through exhibitions and fairs, organize discussions about contemporary art with curators, university professors and other cultural professional. It is important to us, to bring people into conversations with each other and to break down existing inhibitions towards contemporary art. With pleasure we plan and organize individual exhibition or event conceptions for companies, who would like to invite their employees or clients to an exciting art event.

An evening in the studio of Nadja Adelmann

Städel graduate Nadja Adelmann exclusively opened her impressive studio to our guests on Wednesday, June 1, 2022. Accompanied by wines from the Graf Adelmann winery, we talked about her new works during the guided tour of the studio and ended the evening on the large roof terrace at sunset.

With rigid and moving objects, Nadja Adelmann investigates human perception, deliberately eluding quick categorizations. Her works either change themselves through hidden motors or through one’s own perspective as one moves in front of them. In this way, they playfully enable the change between different perspectives and perceptions. The starting point of her works is usually scientific theories. She draws inspiration from texts on theories of perception, sociology, quantum physics and linguistics, which she then combines with her own observations, sensory perceptions and associations. This is the raw material from which she develops her sensual objects. These captivate through reduced language and the concentration on material, form and movement.

Born in 1987, the artist studied at the HfG in Offenbach am Main from 2014-2016. Subsequently, she studied at the Städelschule in Frankfurt and completed her studies there in 2020 as a master student with Prof. Tobias Rehberger.

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Artist Talk in the studio of Hendrik Zimmer

In May 2022, the painter Hendrik Zimmer welcomed us to his studio in the Atelierhaus Ostparkstraße in Frankfurt am Main and gave us insights into his work.

While the works of the Städel master student in his previous series “Morgen und Felder” emphasized the painterly ductus and experiment with different techniques, he concentrates in his latest series on the technique of woodcut. Also in the woodcut works, the perspective of the painter is still recognizably in the foreground. Particularly exciting are the different atmospheres he creates with the various series.
In a small group, accompanied by finger food and long drinks, the guests had the opportunity to talk with the artist to gain exciting insights into the technique of woodcut and print.

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Artist Talk with the painter Herbert Warmuth

After a long, unwanted Covid 19 break we invited our guests into the studio of the Frankfurt painter Herbert Warmuth. We discussed in a small, exclusive group, accompanied by wine and fingerfood, the artists works of his new series. Herbert Warmuth uses in his artistic practice different media such as painting, drawing, sculpture and installation. All work has the same starting point: the color. His artistic interest applies mainly the inseparable unity of color and form. Works by the Städel master student, born in Schweinfurth in 1960, are represented in numerous collections (including the Deutsche Bank Collection, Dresdner Bank, Hessische Kulturstiftung, Städelmuseum, etc.) and have been shown in over 20 solo exhibitions.


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Longdrinks with Artjom Chepovetskyy

With support of a professional barkeeper we transformed the studio of the painter Artjom Chepovetskyy into an “Atelier-Bar”. Accompanied by drinks like Whisky Sour, Gin Tonic, Mojito and other classics, we talked with the artist about his work. For Chepovetskyy, the cross-media exploration of the issues of painting, the experimental use of materials such as the transparent textile chiffon, and the exploration of the limits of the medium painting play an important role of the artistic process. The questions about depth and transparency are his main focus, the results of which convey a playful lightness. In Chepovetskyys work the image becomes an object, which, through the experimental use of color and material, detaches itself from two-dimensional painting and gradually takes on a new form of expression. 

HdB_AC_1 Artwork
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Paella by Björn Drenkwitz

For our second event of the  “Hinter den Bildern” format, the Frankfurt based artist Björn Drenkwitz prepared a delicious Paella for us and our guests in his private garden. After dinner our guests had the opportunity to see and discuss some of his video works, dedicated to the themes of “process and time” in his studio. Björn Drenkwitz studied theater, film and media studies at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main and media art at the art academies in Köln and Mainz, where he graduated as a master student in 2010.

HdB_BD_Vanitas Schmetterling 66 x 66 cm
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Emilia Neumann:  Studio visit

In November 2018 the young sculptress Emilia Neumann opened her studio exclusively for our guests. We spoke with the artist and Prof. em. Wolfgang Luy (HFG Offenbach at the Main) about her work and ended the evening with mulled wine and chili con carne. The graduate of the HFG Offenbach actually comes from the “classical sculpture”. For long time she has been devoted to their fundamentals – shape, color and surface – with the goal of gaining power over the material. Back then, she has left nothing to chance. Today, her objects are osscillating between lightness and heaviness. They are the result of a charming play between chance and direction. The result is poetic but still earthy, rich in color and minimalist.

Potrait Eda Telmucin_DSC6485
Studio Emilia Neumann 04
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